How to set the mood for a wedding

Before the bride and the groom appeared, a pair of alpacas were marched down the aisle.

I remember a wedding almost 30 years ago where the extended family gathered for a portrait after the vows were exchanged and the couple pronounced “man and wife.”

It was my own.

As the photographer worked to fit us all in our places for the family photo, he also commanded that we smile for the pix. That was easy for the groom, but my grandfather-in-law maintained a steady stoic face with every attempt.

Finally, someone asked, “Granddad, can’t you smile for the picture?”

He replied: “This is a serious occasion and it calls for a serious expression.”

So there you have it.

I guess times have changed for wedding expectations. I went to the wedding Sunday of a young man named ‘Brett,’ whom I’ve known all his life.  The wedding was held at the Springs Events Center in far north Edmond.

The actual wedding was held outdoors behind the events center.  It was a grand occasion filled with lighthearted moments …  the first of which occurred when two alpacas were marched down the aisle before the official wedding party appeared.

I never figured out how the alpacas fit into the wedding party. It’s best not to ask any questions about the theme, I guess.

Then, after the respective mothers were seated and the groomsmen and bridesmaids were on the stage, a young man suddenly appeared dancing to the Def Leppard song, “Pour some sugar on me.”  He was firing bubbles from a bubble gun and throwing rose peddles at the well wishers. He had moves like I imagine that a Chippendales dancer would have, except he kept his clothes on.

Flower boy received an enthusiastic ovation when the song ended

Did I say the wedding was filled with lighthearted moments?

the couple
The bride and groom

After the Chippendales act, the wedding followed a familiar script,  completed by the traditional kiss at the end.  But the reception had its own flair, with food, drink and an actual “candy bar” where you could help yourself to a smorgasbord of sweets. I grabbed a sack and helped myself to several of everything.

Despite the oppressive heat of an outdoor summer wedding, we had an awesome time.  We wish Brett and Margaret the best in life, alpacas included.

And I hope when the extended family assembled for pictures after the vows were exchanged that “Grandad’s” expression fit the mood of the day.  A good natured smile.