Fellow Census takers weigh in with their perspective

I recently posted an item on this blog about my short career as a Census Bureau enumerator, and the challenges that I encountered from neighbors unwilling to participate in the Census.

You can read the post here.

After the blog post was published, I heard from a couple of my fellow Census takers who added their own perspective to the discussion. I decided to post them here.

First up is Cyrus, who described it as the “most fun” job he’s ever had.  Obviously, Cyrus handles rejection better than I do. Read what he had to say below.

Then my friend and neighbor Rebekah weighed in with her thoughts on the good and the bad of knocking on doors for the Census count. I’m sharing her thoughts on what she liked about the job. Here is some of what she had to say:

“…parts I liked: meeting people from all walks of life, learning that assumptions and appearances differed so much from reality. Time again, I would be out at an old broken trailer and meet intelligent, grateful and interesting people and I would approach a beautiful home in an affluent area and be met with a misanthropic hostility and ignorance that astounded me. I had to remind myself of my intentions when things got tough and whoop in silence as you walked away from the grumpy man who I just convinced to participate. Quite an adventure but brutal.”

Thank you, Rebekah and Cyrus, for your resilience to stay with the Census Bureau job.  And for finding the positive in the experience.

When the next Census arrives in 2030, I hope whoever is out knocking on doors discovers a more receptive population that is willing to stand up and be counted.