Dispensary names are One Toke Over the Line (Sweet Jesus)

Buddies sign
Sign atop the “Buddies Cannabis Co.” dispensary along N. Western Ave.

I once had a co-worker who spoke fondly — and often — about the awesomeness of “African Trip Weed.” I was pretty sure what he meant.

That was back in the ’80s, when America declared its War on Drugs and put a lot of people into prison for dealing, possessing, using marijuana, whether it was ‘Trip Weed’ or not.

Fast forward to 2023.

Oklahoma has declared marijuana suitable for medicinal use and opened the door to a tsunami of Medicinal Cannabis — maybe that word won’t offend Grandma so much.

According to data I found on the Oklahoma Medicinal Marijuana Authority, there are 2,893 licensed Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma.

So, there are legal marijuana shops in strip centers and street corners all across OKC. Just drive up and down a major retail corridor like May Ave. or Penn and count the Medicinal Marijuana stores.

weed dispensaries

I’m not here to argue the merits for or against marijuana use and its benefits or its dangers.

However, I’m completely taken by the creativity the weed dealers use to name their businesses. If there’s a clever pun that can be used in the name, someone has claimed it.

Perhaps my favorite is located on N Western Ave. just north of Memorial Road. There sits “Buddies” waiting to serve your medicinal needs.

Now that’s a clever play on words, even if it’s an obvious one. You don’t have to wonder what business “Buddies” is in.

I go up-and-down Western often, so I see the “Buddies” sign a lot. It got me to wondering about the most clever names for Oklahoma City marijuana joints (pun intended).

So, I asked my friend, Open AI’s Chat GPT, to come up with a list of the top 25 clever marijuana dispensary names in Oklahoma City.

Here’s what ChatBot came up with.

Pot of Gold Dispensary
The Happy Ogle
Puffin’ Stuff
Green Grannies
Joint Venture
The Dankery
Budding Bloomers
Dr. Reefer’s
Bud Brothers
The Green Scene
Higher Ground Dispensary
Treehouse Club
Green Love
Ganja Queen
Calm Waters Cannabis Co.
Higher Calling
Best Buds Dispensary
T-Town Medical Marijuana Dispensary
The Pot House
Mary Jane Dispensary
The Med Shed
The High Road Dispensary
Smokin’ Gun Dispensary
Buzzn Dispensary

Joint Venture may be my favorite.  But where is “One Toke Over the Line (Sweet Jesus)?”

If you’ve seen a weed store with a clever name that’s not on this list, reply to this post and let me know the name. That’s what “Buddies” are for.

Buddies truck