Facebook won’t let milestone pass unnoticed

FB screen
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has become somewhat of a boogeyman for millions of people worldwide, and the criticism is well earned. The social network collects data on subscribers. It tracks users across the web. And it’s a boiling concoction of crazy conspiracy theories and crazy uncles.

But sometimes Facebook surprises me in a good way.

Today, it showed past January 27 posts from my timeline, and one popped up that I had given no thought to until I saw it.

fb memoryOn this day in January 2019 I underwent double heart bypass surgery at Oklahoma Heart Hospital. It’s an anniversary of a life-saving medical procedure that is definitely worth noting personally.

So, I decided I should share it with you. The FB memory was actually posted by my wife when it was clear that I had survived the surgery and had a good prognosis.

I spent the next four nights in the hospital before making a very anxiety-filled trip home where the real recovery began.

Three years later I’m close to being my old self and moving on with my life pretty much as before. Maybe just a little slower.

Thank you, Dr. Randolph, the gifted surgeon who literally held my life in his hands for about six hours.

And thanks to Facebook, which made sure I remembered the milestone day in my life.

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